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So you want to know about John Watson? Is that why you’re reading this? Yeah, sod off. I know why you’re really here. You’re curious about my personal relationship with Sherlock Holmes. That’s my lot in life though, I’m used to that. You know before Sherlock Holmes I was a hero. I was a forgotten hero, but still, I was a hero. Now I’m living in the shadow of a man who, in six months, will be gone from the minds of everyone who ever read about him. Except mine. I’ll always remember. Always.


John is the knight. He will protect not only Queen and country, but those closest to him. He is not a pawn, for he plays too large a role in his world for that title. He's not the castle, for his walls quickly fall when he is distressed. The knight, however, fights for what he sees is right. To protect when necessary. And to keep others safe

Occasionally NSFW and OOC. Both the RPer and character are of age.
I will always believe in him
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    ❝ John — please. ❞ 
       ❝ I’m serious. ❞ 
  ❝ It’s not like that —! ❞ 

"Of course it’s not, Ry.

Not at all what I saw.”

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Send me a ❦ for my character's reaction to walking in on yours digging through mine's drawers/belongings.

❝Oh, for God’s sake, John! I told you, I’m clean!❞


"I think I’m perfectly within my rights to make sure my ex-junkie flatmate isn’t using again."

❝Those rights don’t include messing up my sock index!❞


"Yes, well next time, I’ll do my best not to care about taking care of you."


Finished piece, ink and watercolour.
‘I am one of them.’

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Simple sketch drawn for my sweetheart. 



do you ever just NEED to cuddle with someone? like just being in physical contact with someone and having them hold you really tight can solve all of your problems?


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