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So you want to know about John Watson? Is that why you’re reading this? Yeah, sod off. I know why you’re really here. You’re curious about my personal relationship with Sherlock Holmes. That’s my lot in life though, I’m used to that. You know before Sherlock Holmes I was a hero. I was a forgotten hero, but still, I was a hero. Now I’m living in the shadow of a man who, in six months, will be gone from the minds of everyone who ever read about him. Except mine. I’ll always remember. Always.


John is the knight. He will protect not only Queen and country, but those closest to him. He is not a pawn, for he plays too large a role in his world for that title. He's not the castle, for his walls quickly fall when he is distressed. The knight, however, fights for what he sees is right. To protect when necessary. And to keep others safe

Occasionally NSFW and OOC. Both the RPer and character are of age.
I will always believe in him
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"Early. And you knocked half the nightstand over. Calm down, love."

"I was trying to get to the alarm clock. I can’t be late today. I’ve got an early surgery."

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greaser baes <3
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You know few things are more beautiful than Sherlock’s face in the pilot when John calls him brilliant on their first crime scene




like John’s face in the pilot when he looks at Sherlock deducing on their first crime scene




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pilot!john, when he and pilot!sherlock get back to the flat after the (shoulder brushing) hero-walk away from mycroft. i don’t actually think they have sex that night, because sherlock’s done his ‘just transport’ speech in the restaurant, but that john is grown up enough to say

"I know this isn’t your thing and - honestly, I’m not sure it’s my thing, with a man, I mean, but - you’re amazing. You’re brilliant and - beautiful."

and Sherlock gets all big-eyed and startled and John smiles his widest smile and says “I just - I hope you know that” and he goes off upstairs and Sherlock’s left standing there going "oh".


YES. Because pilot John wasn’t just asking personal questions that could have been flirtatious at Angelo’s, he was 100% flirting with Sherlock no matter what he says. And pilot John is okay with his sexuality. Even if this is new territory for him, he is confident in this at least. Flirting is just one more battlefield. He’s not in deep denial about his attraction to Sherlock, yet respects Sherlock’s boundaries.

He would lay it all out for Sherlock and then let him make the next move, let him take this wherever he’s comfortable doing so. Then Sherlock would always know that, though John respects his ‘transport’ decision, he’s still interested. The possibility would dangle in front of Sherlock constantly.

I give pilot Sherlock maybe a week before John’s constant bedroom eyes lure him into John’s bed.


i think you mean ‘a week until sherlock corners john in the kitchen and does a full body press against him and john’s all “Hey what’s - whoa, hello, is this the thing now?” and Sherlock’s all “I see how you look at me,” and John’s like “everyone looks at you like that, idiot” and Sherlock’s like “shut up and kiss me” and John’s just “okay but I wish I’d watched some gay porn now”.