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So you want to know about John Watson? Is that why you’re reading this? Yeah, sod off. I know why you’re really here. You’re curious about my personal relationship with Sherlock Holmes. That’s my lot in life though, I’m used to that. You know before Sherlock Holmes I was a hero. I was a forgotten hero, but still, I was a hero. Now I’m living in the shadow of a man who, in six months, will be gone from the minds of everyone who ever read about him. Except mine. I’ll always remember. Always.


John is the knight. He will protect not only Queen and country, but those closest to him. He is not a pawn, for he plays too large a role in his world for that title. He's not the castle, for his walls quickly fall when he is distressed. The knight, however, fights for what he sees is right. To protect when necessary. And to keep others safe

Occasionally NSFW and OOC. Both the RPer and character are of age.
I will always believe in him
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Who’s Dylan?x

A Sherlock rper I used to play with. It doesn’t matter. :)

Sorry love, this is my first dive into the Sherlock fandom (also I’m not called Dylan, lol) Nice to meet you anyhow! :3

It’s completely alright :) Nice to meet you too :)

highlyimprobableholmes replied to your post “.”

Who’s Dylan?x

A Sherlock rper I used to play with. It doesn’t matter. :)



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*sherlock sneezes for the first time in john's presence*
john: that was the most adorable thing I have ever hear-
sherlock: SHUT UP


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Mary, Mary wake up!


Your character walks in on mine having a violent flashback and is forced to pin them down for both of their safety. Send me, ‘wake up' for my character's reaction/coming to with yours still on top of them.

Their arrangement was unofficial, but Mary, nonetheless, enjoyed it. He wouldn’t always text her or answer her messages, but at least once a week something gave. She would either go to his flat or he would come to hers, and after a few drinks, the two would forget their pains and collapse onto the nearest sofa. (Of course, there was that one night where things were a little different, but she figured John didn’t remember.) 

That much explained why she was lying across his arm chair, covered haphazardly with some throw blanket. 

However, at that moment, Mary felt as if she was somewhere entirely different. Her back pressed into rough, unfinished brick, and her toes barely found the pavement beneath them; a calloused hand enclosed about her throat, growing ever tighter. No matter her kicking, no matter what she did with her own arms, she couldn’t find air. 

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John had heard her whimpering, but he hadn’t been truly concerned till she’d started flailing in her chair. “Mary. Mary, wake up, luv,” he called, shaking her a little. He knew the dangers of waking the sleepers, but she seemed like she was losing herself. There were no names, though he wished there were. “Mary, c’mon,” he murmured, holding her tight as she shuddered awake slowly, gripping him tightly. “C’mon, Mary, come back to me.”

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        ❝You did w h a t ?❞

"Oh don’t give me that look, it wasn’t as if she gave me a choice, mate."


My favorite OTP headcanon rn is for Person A to be really annoyed like, “Whatever, suck my dick” and for Person B to kneel unflinchingly and pull Person A’s pants down.



"I don’t know what I’m doing with my life." [Can be as himself or Riley]

"Didn’t you learn anything useful over there, Riley? Seems to me you had loads of talents that people praised you for, eh?"


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